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Our Partners

Steriflow SAS, France

Steriflow is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of Superheated Cascading Water Sterilizers. They have more than 4600 installations in 110 countries for numerous applications in the food and pharmaceutical sector. Steriflow manufactures a wide range of Autoclaves.


Greenpack, Korea

They are specialized in manufacturing – Fully Automatic and High Speed Pick Fill Seal Machines for Pre-formed pouches for various applications such as Powder, Liquid, Snacks, Dry Fruits, Ready Meals etc. Depending on the product type, High Quality Multi head weighers can also be offered along with the packaging machine. http://www.gwpack.com/

APACK, Turkey:

Having their factory in Istanbul, APACK is specialized in the manufacturing of a wide range of packaging solutions for Plastic Containers. Modified Atmospheric Packaging, Thermoforming, Vacuum Packaging, Jar Sealing, etc. APACK is specialized in food packaging by developing solutions and technologies with packaging machines and providing packaging equipment needs and technical support to the leading domestic and foreign companies worldwide.


Sleever Inernational, France:

Sleever International from France is the world leader in Sleeving Machines for numerous applications, especially to Food and Pharmaceutical sector. With a wide range of Fully Automatic High-Speed Sleeving Machines, they are able to match any sleeving requirement for any type of package. In addition to the machinery, they can also offer the Sleeves with Base Caps.


Nikka Densok, Japan (Metal Detector):

We work with Nikka Densok of Japan to offer a wide range of Metal Detectors and Checkweighers to the Indian Food and Pharmaceutical Sector. Metal Detector for measuring electric Nikka (Denoesu) is to meet the various requirements of our customers in all areas.
They design and manufacture to suit special types such as an expression not only of a generic type conveyor, corresponding to the inspection of powder or liquid, product inspection, to the installation environment.
In addition, they also offer a wide range of Highly Accurate Checkweigher systems for various applications.



Under our Sister Company – Talk Cheese Solutions, we work with COMAT Technology from Italy to offer complete plant and machinery for Mozzarella Cheese productions. We are able to offer Fully Automated processing plants as well as small-medium size Individual equipment.



Storm Engineering from Bulgaria manufactures a wide range of processing equipment for Dairy and Meat Industry such as Vacuum Tumblers, Meat Cutting machines, processed cheese kettles, butter packaging machines, Cheese Cutting Machines etc. They also offer a broad range of Hygiene Stations for Food and Pharmaceutical Industry.