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Solutions for Food


We offer a wide range of Super-heated Cascading water Sterilizers from Steriflow of France. Steriflow offers the most advanced and advantageous retort solutions for food, dairy, and pharmaceutical applications. With more than 35 years of experience in Retort Manufacturing, Steriflow can help its customers to choose the right retort process for their products.

Range of Retorts:

Static Steriflow: This autoclave is suited for sterilizing your jars, cans, bottles, pouches, trays, etc. Very Easy operation. https://www.steriflow.com/en/autoclave-sterilization-static

DALI (Shaking) Retort: Gentle back and forth agitation leads to faster and better heat penetration. Recommended for Milk, Soups, and semi-viscous applications. https://www.steriflow.com/en/autoclave-sterilization-dali

Rotary Retort: Complete drum rotates during the process. Recommended for High Viscous applications. https://www.steriflow.com/en/autoclave-sterilization-rotary

Super Dali (Super Shaking): Super Dali is a new generation autoclave guaranteeing a reduced sterilization process. This autoclave is suitable for the sterilization of low viscosity products such as milksoups or sauces. Benefit from the performance of a rotating model at a good price with medium frequency shaking. https://www.steriflow.com/en/super-dali-steriflow-innovative-shaking-process

Shaka Retorts: This retort is particularly innovative, provides a large reduction in sterilization cycle times (5 to 10 times). This is due to its shaking process and his capacity to quickly raise the temperature. The time benefit is carried over to the quality of the product, it ensure optimal taste performance and nutritional value. Shaka® is a simple alternative to aseptic technology. https://www.steriflow.com/en/shaka-autoclave

Packaging Machines


MAP25 Semi-Automatic MAP Tray Sealing Machine: We can offer a broad range of Semi-Automatic MAP (Modified Atmospheric Packaging) machines to enhance the Shelf Life of Food Products. MAP 25 and other variants of similar models allows our customers to choose the suitable solutions for their products at a great price. These machines are good for small and medium producers.          https://www.apack.com.tr/kategori/map-25-898.html

autoMAP- Fully Automatic MAP Tray Sealing Machine:

autoMAPseries packaging lines will meet all your packaging needs with fully automated systems. The production lines include stages from feeding the trays, filling the product, weighing, sorting, MAP sealing, labeling, collection, and storage. If you need high production capacity than you need autoMAP100 Fully Automatic MAP Packaging lines that include vacuum, gas flush options. https://www.apack.com.tr/kategori/automap100-307.html

perForma Series – Thermoforming Machines:

perFORMA series are the fully automatic form, fill and seal packaging lines. Our Thermoforming systems are comprised of tray forming, automatic weighing – dosing of liquid/granule/powder filling, product vibration, film sealing, cutting and labeling sections within a single processing and packaging line. Product collection and sorting are also combined to the system. perFORMA300 series are able to work with all kinds of the top and bottom webs. Depending on the requested packaging structure, the perFORMA series are capable of both MAP and Vacuum packaging applications. Double-acting form or homogeneous piston form units can be fitted to the production line. https://www.apack.com.tr/kategori/performa-300-series-314.html

autoSEAL JS-230-Fully Automatic Jar/Bottle Sealer:

autoSEAL JS230 is a PET / PE jar-bottle sealing model from our fully automatic lines, available for different mouth diameters, designed in line with automatic line requirements in small production areas.

Ultrasonic welding systems are known to have some disadvantages in food packaging. For this reason, we have developed our autoSEAL JS230 model to apply the tray sealing method we make in food packaging to plastic jars. None of the materials used in this method interact with the product. It can be used easily and safely for all kinds of your acidic and basic products (pickles, olives etc.). The sealing film does not rupture or spill into the product when opening the jar.





Filling Lines for Liquid


Our Principals – INDEX-6 Ltd. is the European producer for hygienic filling machines for efficient bottling of liquid food and nonfood products. Turnkey solutions – design and engineering, manufacturing and installation of completely automatic Ultra Clean filling and packaging machines for milk and dairy products, juices, ketchup, mayonnaise, dressings & sauces, baby foods, jams, oils, wine, spirits, water and others, as well as non-foods products like cosmetics, household chemicals, petroleum products, etc. We strive to improve the quality of our products and services through close collaboration with our customers.


For bottling of fresh milk in PET or Glass bottles in ULTRA CLEAN environment INDEX-6® offers the models of AssetClean™ solutions, suitable for liquid dairy products, yoghurts, juices and other microbiologically sensitive products.
The AssetClean™ 49 series – a synchrobloc in ULTRA CLEAN edition, equipped with all the necessary and specialized systems for filling of microbiologically sensitive products in sterile environment. A system, guaranteeing the conservation of the product for a long time – up to 120 days. AssetClean™ 49 provides for clean technology – a sterile environment ISO 5 is maintained in the filling and capping zone. The machine is equipped with a system for real-time control of the processes being performed.



NDEX-6® possesses ultimate technologies both for cold filling and for hot filling of natural juices in PET and glass bottles.

For hot filling we utilize the machines from the IND-Dose 46HPO (Hot Pressure Over) series, which work under light overpressure facilitating level dosing and filling with contact between the neck and the filling valve, maintaining the set filling temperature by partial recirculation of the product. These machines are CIP washable and sterilizable without need for false bottles, which eliminates the manual operations and turns out to be a significant advantage for the higher capacities.

For cold filling we utilize the blocks from the AssetClean™ series with their fundamental feature of providing filling in clean environment preventing any additional contamination of the product, while keeping dosing accuracy and efficiency very high.



Condiments, ketchup and mayonnaise IND-filling systems provide Ultra Clean solutions (Dense foods and drinks)
Using the equipment range of INDEX-6® you can form a flexible filling line for dense foods and drinks. This can be a high-capacity line composed of rotary machines or Multiblocs from the Pragmatic® series, as well as extremely universal line made of comprising linear machines and allowing to fill ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, dressings and other products in glass bottles and jars, cylindrical and flat plastic bottles, as well as buckets.


Processed Cheese Equipment


We offer exclusive machinery for the production of processed cheese from our Bulgarian partners. The machine is designated for the production of different products – melted cheese, dairy creams, pates, mayonnaise, ketchup, baby food, chocolate fillings, surimi, emulsions, marmalade and other products made on analog recipes.

The standard machine consists of a thermo-insulated vessel, where stirring unit and three cutter knives cut and mix the components. The speed of stirrer and of knives can be smoothly adjusted.

 Vessel’s inner surface is made of polished acid-resistant stainless steel, which makes the cleaning easier. The vessel is offered with net volume 80, 150 or 300 L. Linear drive allows working at 30° angle and vessel tilting and emptying.

Depending on the product the machine can be equipped with:

– steam jacket for product cooling or heating;

– a vacuum pump 25 m³/h (Speck);

– direct steam injecting with 2 pcs. nozzles ½“;

– manual valve for emptying DN65;

– pneumatic valve for emptying DN65;

– pneumatic cover locking by means of 2 pcs. aluminum cylinders;

– system for steam preparation (outlet, safety valve for pressure control).


Mozzarella Cheese Equipment


Under the name of our Sister Company – Talk Cheese Solutions, we represent COMAT Technology of Italy who is the world leader in the supply of complete range of machinery for past filata production. We can offer the turnkey plants starting from Milk Storage Tanks up to the packaging of cheese as well as individual equipment. We can also offer customized solutions to our customers depending on the size and budget of the projects.


Range of Machines: